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Cadillac – Andy Warhol’s museum painting competition


Main specifications

name of painting: “ Andy warhol “

artist sotiris chatzispyrou

this artwork is for sale for the price of 120.000 euro, if you are interested you can contact me


An 3D, two point (Cadillac – Andy Warhol’s museum painting competition ), multi – purpose, 3 type ( depicting painting ( painting signals on a fantastic landscape ),  depicting market design ( artistic letters on a fantastic environment ), depicting customization of initial letters    , 2 sided ( front and back paint ), frame custom painted, unique artwork ( before construction, an on – line research has been done on Andy warhol’s life, museum and about Cadillac brand in general,  in an angle, shadows – glipses specific research has been done and use of the corresponding materials ( close views etc. ) ).

canvas 40 x 60 cm






special made wood canvas


right back signed from the artist

custom painted back side ( colours and varnish )

additionally glued back canvas joints, painted


hand painted custom made large side frames

  • main colours: acrylic, oil, colour pastes, special colours, custom made colours, low – high value mixed colours
  • secondary colours: oil pastel, vitraux colour, metalised colours, pencils

custom made film coats





My name is sotiris chatzispyrou. I am a painter. Ι live in nea makri, a suburb of Athens, Greece. Ι am painting for the last 4 years. Ι occupy with depicting painting ( painting signals on a fantastic landscape ), depicting market design ( artistic letters on a fantastic environment ), custom portrait, electronic painting, artistic marketing and custom pioneering clothes design.



" the cyclone ", artwork 2018, sotiris chatzispyrou

” the cyclone “, artwork 2018, sotiris chatzispyrou



Artwork’s definitions ( inspired from cadillac, andy warhol, usa flag )


depicting painting, use of initial letters of Andy Warhol’s name, A ( capital as it is, upside down and w partial in two points )

the use of the pattern of a guitar reflects the meaning of a multi – talented star

conjection of andy warhol and the art in general,  is depicted by the combination of the guittar and the A letter

the use of the upside down A and the proximity to the black and white star means the significance of andy warhol’s

the contribution to art of Andy warhol is depicted in general



Secondary sources of inspiration

greek harp, Cadillac as a tranditional american car brand, Andy Warhol as an american art symbol

main side frame painting custom red in parts and pattern inspired from the usa flag

usa flag, patterns of american flag, the red lines and the stars, blue custom triangle on the upper left corner,

colours of american flag on full artwork


Cadillac’s part

use of capital letters, black custom and vitraux painted with custom boldity and height,  in total view straight like a sign, is inspired from cadillac’s history and manufacturity as it is a luxurious car brand.

* partial use of metalised and stained glass ( vitraux ) colours

* the second L in an angle position inspired from cadillac’s long convertible cars, car’s roof system and flag’s circle pipe


Other types of inspiration

music, music key, pop art movement style, popular andy warhol’s artworks,

andy warhol’s artworks patterns and colours, contribution to art community, use of imagination, visual arts, Andy Warhol’s characteristics in general

* partial use of ablative style of pattern

* the use of on paint different scales are inspired from andy warhol΄s face characteristic and the idea of a 3D view

and the use of curls patterns are inspired from andy warhol’s types of hair cur


other meanings are defined, different views – different prospects and dimensions

trying to put the artwork into imaginative and not only dimensions

as it is a 3d painting, i could sent you some other photos with specific artwork’s details and 3d prospects on request. if you want, you can contact me.

imagination, detail and love for art has been used.